Alpaca rug / black rugs / Fur black rugs

Alpaca rug / black rugs / Fur black rugs


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100% alpaca skin

Our Alpaca rugs have a long, silky texture. This fiber keeps an extraordinary amount of air, making it feel light and breezy to the touch. Our pieces reflect light in the most amazing way, creating a beautifully unique aesthetic to your home, our rug lays down in all directions. Loved for its high sheen and silky soft, lanky fiber.

Our Rug infuse the height of emotion, beauty and indulgently sumptuous luxury.

Known as the Fiber of the Gods… Alpaca fur is one of the softest fibers that you will ever feel. Alpaca’s unique hollow fiber is incredibly lightweight and warm. Second only to silk for strength, Alpaca is comparable to the luxurious softness of cashmere yet more durable and far more hard wearing than both. Soft as cashmere and seven times warmer. Stronger and lighter than any comparable fiber. Another wonderful quality about Alpaca fur is that it is naturally hypoallergenic and lanolin free, so you can enjoy our Alpaca furs no matter who you are, or who you are entertaining. Our luxurious Alpaca rugs, fur rugs big fur rugs and fur area rugs will add a sense of luxury, beauty and style to any room or setting. Our Alpaca rugs and fur rugs have a luster and beauty that is un-matched. Amazingly soft, Luxurious and Comfortable.

Important: The Alpaca is not killed to get his fur; all pelts are from animals that have died a natural death. There is a very simple economic reason for this: the Alpaca is too valuable for it’s wool. We care about alpacas.

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118" x 157", 142" x 118", 40" x 65", 55" x 71", 60" x 102", 75" x 83", 84.5" x 74", 84" x 108", 86" x 137", 96" x 120"