About Us


About Us

Peru Inka Craft is a family company that began operating in Perú in 2004. We are dedicated to the manufacture of handmade children sweaters & ponchos, finger puppets, Alpaca products, and others.
Our 150 artisans here in Peru have incredible knitting abilities but in the past we had been unable to channel our talent in a marketable way. This website is helping us to improve our lives and share with the world our talent.

Finger puppets are perfect for creative story telling, original gifts and fun party favors. Even adults love them so have some fun matching your friend’s personality or surprise them with a puppet place holder at your next dinner party!
We offer our customers many different available payment procedures which are wire transfer, money order, paypal, credit card, etc. Those will make your business with us reliable and sure. Beside, we have many different ways to transport the products from our office to your foreigner location so that they arrive on time and without any inconvenience. We work with the best courier companies and the most trusty freight and custom agents.

Our comprise is about reliance and quality, in consequence, we always do our best for you to feel comfortable doing business with us.

Remember that every purchase supports and unprivileged family in Peru.


Thank you!!!

Peru Inka Craft Team